Almost invisible for some people but noticeable when missing,
Let me tell you the few rules that you must respect:

Choose the right size
Choose the right colour
Choose the right style for your outfit
And the right fabrics …

In 2015 it’s not just for your business attire, smart or casual be careful with the kind of belt,
I’ll show you some examples!

Be smart try to choose it in leather, it is better to have two or three models in good leather (Lattice-work leather, smooth leather, rawhide…), the quality is always the best way to choose an accessory just because you can keep it for long.
You have some beautiful belts in cotton or viscose with a more casual look!

Next choose the right size, and yes I know you will tell me but I don’t know my size!
Yes but from today stop thinking about it just check the size board.

Normally, it should close on the third loop, be thinner for suits to keep the elegance and larger for jeans to be modern and casual.
To avoid mistakes matching it with your shoes is always quite right but actually a bit too classy but to be trendy you can match it with something else: your jacket, your watch, your socks…

Which belt for which morphology?

Choose the good width can flatter your silhouette at best in a subtle way.

1. Small Chest:
You are thin of the waist, a narrow belt is what you need. A too wide model would thus encroach you on the belly. What we are trying to make here is to increase the visual length of your chest. To wear the belt rather low will give this effect, besides strengthened it.

2. Big chest:
Wear your belt higher to create the illusion of a smaller chest. So don’t dare the colours but match the belt with the pants’ colour to give the effect of long continuous line up to your hips.

3. You are short:
Choose a kind of belt who do not exceed 3cm (1inch), dark pants dark belt, light pants light belt.

4. You have some extra weight:
Again, do not make too big contrasts of colour and avoid the showy buckles.

Where can you find them?

In Geneva, The Store by Doketti is the expert,
In all sizes and colours, custom or tailor made buckles, thousand types in different materials for you to choose from:

France quality and French made since 1984 handmade in south of France the kind of lattice-work belt

In London luxury belts with Swarovski handmade in UK, limited quantity

Germany since 1899 made in Germany

Italy Italian leather, with reversible buckles

See you for a next topic.