FA Concept Store was created by CEO & Founder Aymeric Futol, whose journey to becoming a style icon traces back to his hometown France in 2004. After being recruited by the “Haute Couture” in Paris at the age of 15, Aymeric established himself as a highly sought after jeweller and stylist, building a wide network of influential people in the luxe fashion industry.

In 2008, Aymeric moved to the border of Geneva to work for famous jewellery company Gay Freres, before embarking on a range of ventures, including roles as a magazine stylist across Europe, Asia and USA, model coach, makeup artist, personal stylist, personal shopper and fashion & artistic nude photographer.

When Aymeric discovered in 2011 that he was visually impaired (with only 5% vision), fashion became his outlet for self expression, leading him around the world where he worked for Fashion TV, Cosmopolitan, Bata, Her World Magazine and many more.  He’s featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar (Singapore/Hong Kong), and writes for a magazine that has a readership of over two million.

Aymeric drew on all his skills to create his own fashion magazine, FA Concept, which has exploded with popularity and is now available in France, Switzerland and Australia, opening up opportunities to collaborate with some big brands like Ellie Saab, Chopard, Longchamp, Roger Vivier and Bomberg, as well as be part of iconic events like Sydney Fashion Week and Basel World.

After proving he could run a business in adversity and receiving two cornea transplantations in 2014, Aymeric was ready for life’s next big challenge. In 2017, he moved to Perth, WA, where he saw huge potential to make a real influence on the Australian fashion industry. Together with his partner Christian Fert, Aymeric launched the first FA Concept Store.

Our boutique is a one-stop destination for all things fashion and beauty offering Perth “a taste of Europe”.

As part of his commitment to being and actor for change, Aymeric has wasted no time immersing himself in the local fashion community, joining the Fashion Council WA and sponsoring the WA Business Awards. And while his inimitable personal brand lives in every drawer and shelf of his cosy little “boudoir” on Pier Street, Aymeric is confident he is building something special that can one day be shared with anyone, anywhere.