Sharing our passion for fashion.

At FA Concept Store, we know you don’t magically roll out of bed ready to grace the front cover of Vogue. Sense of style is a labour of love where you learn as much about yourself as you do the technical skills to pull it off.

We invite you to take part in a series of intimate workshops here in our cosy “boudoir”. Set amidst vintage lampshades, rustic ladder tie racks and antique vanity tables, these engaging experiences are designed to bring the fashion conversation out of the closet and into our daily lives, from carrying yourself with confidence and nailing that model casting, to tailoring makeup to your unique face morphology and learning to love your body in all its flawed beauty.

This is your exclusive opportunity to tap into Founder Aymeric Futol’s wealth of luxe fashion knowledge and experience working across Europe, Asia and the US, from the Haute Couture to Gay Freres and Cosmopolitan. Together with our talented team, we’d love nothing more than to share our passion for fashion with you.