About us

Permission d’être vous.

Parisian fashion is just so effortlessly chic. Yet somehow that makes it untouchable, reserved for some imaginary club of elite fashionistas who board private planes to Milan and bathe in expensive Moet!

FA Concept Store is here to prove that fashion is about taste, not expensive taste. Let us help you find the pieces that make you feel fabulous and rock that little attitude that’s just so “you”.

A taste of Europe
At FA Concept Store, we adore more than just European fashion. Our cosy little “boudoir” on Pier Street is inspired by the Parisian lifestyle, offering an intimate experience that gives you permission to be you. Blending fashion, beauty and photography in one store, we dare to push boundaries, taking risks to ensure we offer a limited collection of European and Australian labels that are quirky, colourful, and bravely unique.

À la Perth
When Parisian stylist Aymeric Futol created FA Concept Store, his vision wasn’t just to bring European fashion to Australia – he wanted to reinvent the WA fashion landscape by sharing a unique experience that goes beyond selling. So while we’re always travelling to Europe in search of the most exciting new trends, immersing ourselves in the local fashion community and showcasing local designers is our true love.

CEO & Founder
The French jeweller, stylist, photographer and make-up artist is a rare breed of fashionista whose daring and original style sets him apart from the pack. With a pedigree in fashion that includes being an established jeweller in Paris before moving to Geneva to work for renowned jewellery company Gay Freres, he has also styled for French FTV, Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar in Asia. He is been around the fashion & luxury industry for over 14 years!  Since his arrival in Perth last year Aymeric has immersed himself in the WA fashion industry and is a colourful addition to the social scene.

CFO & Founder
Christian has a bachelor degree from European University, Geneva Branch with major in marketing and minor in finance. He worked in logistics in Munich, Germany. Then moved in the U.S. (Chicago), where he was involved in sales and later IT in the tourism industry which he continued to pursue back in Switzerland in the 125 years old family business. He shifted to HR while founding a very successful recruitment business in Geneva. Later, he worked for a large corporation in the banking industry in direct connections with the Big Four. His last position as a manager in an accounting and pay-rolling firm allowed him to tackle all the issues of small and medium companies as well as handling complex expats situations from international global firms. He worked as a consultant in Switzerland while setting up the Perth based business.

Assistant & Stylist
Laura is the other french appeal in the business born and raised in Paris. She was already different at a very young age as she always wanted to set herself apart from the others. She started to study International Fashion commerce and for her mandatory internship abroad she decided to give Australia a try! At first, she reached the well known TV stylist Kirsty Miligan in Melbourne which happens to be a friend of ours. She thought that we would be a better fit for what she was looking for. After the internship, she decided to quit her school in France as we offered her the opportunity to work with us. Since then she has been irreplaceable, faithful and passionate. The fashion community already knows her quite well for her freshness, happiness and unique style!

Personal & Sales Assistant
She joined the FA Concept team in February 2019, as a Personal Assistant / Sales Assistant. She is 23 years old and come from a predominantly retail background, previously working at Cheep, as the Manager for the Perth-based company. She was excited for this opportunity to be apart of another small business, as such environment allows for more growth and creativity. Her previous experience with customer service, sales, merchandising, styling and management has equipped her with valuable skills in this new role of her career. Working for a fragrance company educated her on designer brands and her colleagues introduced Bonny to the wonders of makeup, which she is still discovering. She is constantly in search of inspiration and new knowledge into this dynamic world of fashion.