With the trends of short length trousers, I advise you to play with the socks to put a beat of fantasy in your outfit, so bye-bye black and dare the colour! It’s really a fashion accessories often we think that just a detail but as we say the details make the style.

So dare the socks with colour, prints but just respect this five rules:
1. Never white socks (keep it for sport)
2. mid-calf length (avoiding to see your hairiness)
3. In wool or cashmere in winter
4. No has been pattern like Droopy or Simpsons …
5. Match them to your shoes (and then to your trousers)

Now it’s time to play with your socks but which brands?
By example one of the most famous brands Burlington or one my favourite concept that I discovered at the last fashion exhibition Who’s next in Paris the brand Mr Moustache they specialize in shoes but they just made last year for Christmas a collection a socks in beautiful wood box and you have your set for all the week with a new colour each I found it funny and fashion!

Otherwise you can find some cool socks almost everywhere just take care to the 5 rules and then you’re ready to be fashionable and elegant but with a touch of fantasy quite subtle …

See you for my next chronicle