I don’t know if, like me, your always asking yourself ‘which kind of coat should I wear?’. But worry no more, this winter I’ll help you find the best way to look and feel on trend. Actually it’s the nature of a casual outfit, very simple but well fitted!
The 3 coats you must have :
You want to feel both relaxed and fashionable, a sporty jacket in a “couture“ version will definately ensure that is the case. So thanks to the brands who collaborate to mix both of these universes, such as Yohji Yamamoto with Adidas.

Sometimes chic and sometimes casual, the bomber jacket with goat returns. This will be your best friend throughout the cold this winter. This year you’ve got the choice between a longer or shorter length. This is a must-have for your wardrobe. Burberry Prorsum is the best example of how to match casual and elegance.

There is a major come back taking place for the double-breasted over coat. It’s a real tool of seduction for you guys! You can see famous people like Kanye West wearing them. This jacket is a real symbol of physical dominance and financial power. With this classic shape you can play with print and texture to express originality. As for the base colour, you’ve got the choice of beige, grey or black.

My final advice in avoiding a fashion faux-pas when choosing a coat, watch out for its length!
For the taller guy: you can wear these three different coats.
if you’re smaller: the bomber jacket or the sports jacket is a good choice for you.
if you’re a little overweight: avoid the sporty looks and bomber jackets with the shinier fabrics.
So guys, now no more excuses – you know what you should be wearing this winter. If you already have them, good for you otherwise it’s time to get shopping!
Stay tuned for my next chronicle, which will always advise you on what to wear!